Saturday, December 12, 2009

Santa Clause at the Library

Testing, testing, one two. First blog entry on this brand new blog of mine.

Who am I?

For now, I am anonymous. :) I'd like to keep it that way for awhile... it would be nice to have an outlet for my writing that exists apart from those who know me. I am teacher, who would like to write about her students. I am a waitress, who would like to write about her customers. I am a mother, who would like to write about her child. I am a writer, who would like to write about her writing, without fear of the gossip, the judgment, and the what not that sometimes arise from small-town living.

I am an anonymous writer in cyberspace.

I am a Christian. I am a thinker. A reader. A lover.

A lover of so much. Of each moment that passes, the beauty that is in it.

I took my daughter today, to our small-town public library. "Santa" was coming today.

Slacker Mom that I am, my daughter had yet to meet Santa Clause. Did I mention this was her fourth Christmas? I know, I know. But I was in no hurry to wait in line at the mall, endure the screaming babies and irritated parents, the hustle and bustle of bargain-hunting shoppers. You forget, in those moments, what Christmas is really about.

But today, Santa came to our little library in our little town. Funnily enough, "Santa" was actually my mother's cousin's husband, whom my daughter has met on many previous occasions. Wow, did he do a good job though! The look on my daughter's face, as she climbed into his lap and presented him with the carefully-thought out list (only five items... I'm impressed by her modesty!)...


And the library had provided brand new books for all the children, nestled sweetly under a prettily-decorated Christmas tree. My daughter, ever surprising me, chose Dinosaur Vs. Bedtime.

Her smile is gift enough for me this Christmas. And though I can't give her everything I would like to in an ideal world, I know that knowing Jesus Christ makes us richer than any material items ever could.

Merry Christmas to you and yours!