Thursday, November 11, 2010

Free to Procrastinate


My start on NaNoWriMo was pretty strong.

But that went all to hell pretty quickly.

So, before I get into how far behind my word count goal I am right now, a list of things I have accomplished so far this November:

1. Calculated no less than 123 final grades for first quarter for my sophomores.
2. Graded 40 book projects in two different classes (and it also may be worth noting that each book project actually consists of three smaller projects and a presentation--all of which I graded using separate rubrics. So I actually graded something like 120 projects).
3. Successfully got my daughter to and from school each day of the past week by myself. (No, this isn't anything I don't usually do. But still. If you have ever shuffled a five-year-old to and from daycare or a school without a bus system, then you understand--it can be quite a feat!)
4. Went off my diet. (This is not, technically, something that requires time, effort, or talent. But it seemed like a good enough time for confession).
5. Served at the ten o'clock service at church as opposed to the 11:30 (and yes, we did gain an hour from daylight savings time... but still... oh, nevermind. This argument is just falling all apart, hmm?)
6. I really haven't accomplished all that much in November.
7. But #1 and 2 on this list really were quite time-consuming.
8. And I also had planning to do, you know, for my real job.
9. And this one IS a good one--Kaliah is learning to read! And no, my role in this isn't major, but I am sitting next to her, reading homework in front of us, being amazed by her actually sounding the words out! And, you know, she's really getting it! I am truly in awe of the process of seeing her go from just going through the motions of sounding out individual letters to being able to actually put the words together. And you should SEE the smile on her face when that happens. Oh, it lights up my whole world. I could not be more proud of her.
10. And also, I drive her to and from ballet...

I feel like if blogs had sound effects... you guys would hear crickets right about now. Or somebody coughing.

Sure, I've had a busy November... but I promised I would write me some words.

My grand total of words in my new novel, which I have entitled Missing Melody is currently...


Which isn't.... bad. I guess.

Except that The Powers That Be over at National Novel Writing Month suggest that to finish on time, I should be at 18,334 words right now.


But, ya know... as much as I dream of being a published writer... some things have to come first. Like my daughter. AND my job. AND church. AND, without making anymore excuses for myself...

I am pretty proud of my near 10,000 words.

10,000 words shaping a story that I had not even conceived, not even had the slimmest tracings of the beginings of it in my mind, before November 1st.

10,000 words that did not exist strung together before the past eleven days.

That is something. If not something to be boasting of, at least something to be considered.

So. Enough procrastinating. 11 is my favorite number. Perhaps today, I'll do the impossible and double that wordcount, and get myself right back on track to finishing in time.

And if I don't, at least I had the freedom to try.

Which reminds me to say a huge thank you to all the Veterans out there. I truly am appreciative of all of you who so bravely serve or have served our country. I really believe this is the most amazing country in the world, and I feel so truly blessed to live in the land that many have given their lives to protect. While America is far from perfect, I feel priveledged to be a small part of how far we have come, and how far we are going. It is an honor to know those of you who give your lives so freely, so that we may enjoy so many freedoms.

God bless to all!

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  1. You are one busy girl. I'm still not sure how you do it and manage to write 100 words, let alone 10,000!! And yay to Kaliah ♥ learning to read! How fun. :D